Easy to Use

No longer will you have a clip board and carbon forms. No more missed check boxes or lost reports. Inspections are performed effortlessly and electronically. Clients are loaded in pull down boxes, even multiple locations.

Quick PDF File Creation

With an iPad you will now create a PDF file, speeding up the inspection process all the while creating a soft copy for you and your client. No more storage boxes to hunt down old inspection forms. These files are stored in a SQL data base, PDF’s are created when requested from content stored in the database giving you more flexibility.

Electronic Signature  

Electronic signature line allows the user to sign the report when the inspection process is complete and email the report to the home office, the client, or anyone else that is requested creating a more professional and personable interaction with the client.

Web Portal

Admin page to add clients or locations from home office updates all iPads automatically. No more faxing of reports. Ease of viewing last inspection report before or during inspection.

Cost Savings

Faster inspection times, more inspections a day increasing business and revenue. Saves on paper and printing costs, also creates time and monetary savings. Affordability; in comparison there is no other product that is as affordable with no monthly fees, and with more flexibility and the professional appearance for your clients is unsurpassed.

Go Green

When you use the EFAS inspection system you truely Go Green. No papper, printer ink, or fax toner needed. Send clients PDF inspection reports right to their Inbox. It not only feels great and helps the planet but it saves the other kind of green too.

14Day Free TrialTake a free 14Day test drive, no credit card required.

We make your job easier.

EFAS is more than SAFE backwards.

Never look for an inspection report again. Everytime you use EFAS all your data is stored in an SQL Server database in a secure hosted enviroment. Anytime you need to resend a report or have a request for a report you did years before, it will be avaliable right at your finger tips.


When an inspector uses the EFAS system the first they notice is that is was designed by a fellow inspector. Nothing to get in the way of progress. You can save and restart inspections at any point.


I love EFAS, it has really made inspections not only easier, they are actually fun. The interface is so simple to use and really nice how I don't have to navigate thru a bunch of screens. I oinly with EFAS was created 10-years ago.

David Simpson - Texas Fire & Safty

EFAS is a true high tech iPad app that simpleflys my job. I used to hate getting back to the office and finding out that half my carbon copies were hard to read. This is nolonger an issue with EFAS. What else can I say, it rocks.

Max Schultz - San Francisco Fire Inspectors & Installation

Twitter Updates

EFAS is releasing on the app store in March. Can't wait to share all  our hard work, and make your work easier.